EnTheme is a stylish and elegant color and font theme for Visual Studio Code that aims to enhance your coding experience. With carefully selected colors and refined font styles, EnTheme creates a visually pleasing and immersive environment while maintaining code readability.

EnTheme - VS Code Clour Theme
EnTheme – VS Code Clour Theme


  • Sophisticated Color Palette: EnTheme features a rich and harmonious color palette that provides a comfortable and immersive coding experience. The dark background sets the stage for your code, while the carefully chosen foreground color ensures optimal contrast and readability.
  • Thoughtfully Styled Elements: Various elements such as selection background, line highlights, and line numbers are meticulously styled to provide a visually pleasing and efficient coding workflow. EnTheme strikes the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.
  • Elegant Font Styles: The font styles in EnTheme are carefully crafted to enhance the visual aesthetics of your code. Comments have a subtle italic style, keywords are bold and impactful, strings are presented with a sophisticated font family, and function names have a distinct and recognizable style.

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